The Antivirals Development: Strategic Topic of Ebola International Congress 2015

Ebola virus is a negative sense ssRNA virus with a 19kb genome encoding just 7 genes. As such there is comparatively limited scope for the development of anti-viral small molecules, with the polymerase and viral entry processes likely to form the most amenable druggable targets.

Ebola 2015 meeting will discuss the problem of research facilities. There are currently a very limited number of facilitates globally with the infrastructure to run CAT4 Ebola virus cell based assays, which is a critical component for progression of any repurposing program. One of the strategic topic will be to create a coordinated and collated tool-box of molecules from across the Industry, which are known to have anti-viral efficacy against a range of viral targets and may have been discontinued from development against their primary target. What kind of molecules? How to put together academics and industrials in a task force will be also discussed.

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